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Come on, Get 'Appy!

Deep Fried Pickle Spears / $8

Deep Fried Mushrooms / $7

Breaded Shrimp / $8

Spring rolls (veg) / $8

Breaded Cauliflower (Tossed in mild bbq sauce, topped with sesame seeds & green onion, ranch dip.) / $8

Breaded Zucchini Sticks (Served with Flippin’ Sauce for dipping.) / $8

Mozzarella Sticks (Served with side of marinara) / $8

Cream Cheese Poppers (Served with side of marinara.) / $8

Spicy Cream Cheese Poppers (Served with side of marinara) / $8

Supreme Fries (Fresh cut fries tossed in garlic butter & parmesan cheese, topped with fresh green onion.) / $8

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